The Floating University

The Floating University

The Floating University is a new educational media venture. We create and distribute online multimedia curricula, rich in text, video, animation and graphics, that feature today's biggest thinkers, practitioners and leading scholars.

Our video lectures are paired with related texts to introduce complex multidisciplinary subjects in an entertaining and engaging way. Whether you're a life longer learner or a current university student, our goal is to take you on a journey of discovery into myriad disciplines — to let you explore unfamiliar territory in a new light — and to pose questions that will encourage critical thinking and robust debate.

For schools, we aim to invert the traditional lecture model of learning to focus valuable classroom time on interaction, exchange, and discussion, rather than on the passive consumption of live, in-person lectures. For other institutions, and individuals, we aim to make these powerful learning tools available, anywhere and any time to develop big picture, inter-disciplinary thinking and analysis.

Democratizing Education

Floating University is based on the premise that anyone, anywhere, deserves access to the most important knowledge. We envision a world in which technology and alternative media make it possible for all to learn from the world's best educators.

Founded in 2011, The Floating University is a joint venture between The Jack Parker Corporation and Big Think, a global knowledge forum built upon the belief that success today and in the future is about knowing the ideas that allow you to manage and master this universe of information. The Floating University's offices and studio are based in New York City at the headquarters of Big Think.

Principals of The Floating University are: Founder Adam Glick, President, The Jack Parker Corporation; Peter Hopkins, Co-Founder and President, Big Think; and Victoria Brown, Co-Founder and CEO, Big Think.

For more details on Floating University courses, check out Great Big Ideas and our Frequently Asked Questions.