The Floating University


A New Way of Educating.

Doug Melton talks about the growing need to teach problem-solving across fields.

Schools and other institutions can license a variety of video course offerings from The Floating University in packages for students, alumni or wider audiences.

License The Floating University's first course, Great Big Ideas for your college, university, company or high school by contacting us.

Great Big Ideas is available in a variety of forms, for example:

  • For-Credit Courses. The course may be offered by an educational institution, with or without a syllabus provided by The Floating University. Institutions may also create their own syllabus and course pack as well as modes of evaluation for the course.
  • Non-Accredited Courses. Introduce arriving freshman, current students, alumni, faculty, and staff to a breadth of big ideas.
  • Multimedia Supplements. Enhance a current class offering with our engaging video lectures.
  • Customized Courses. We take a big picture approach when connecting the dots between thinking big and your specific institution's needs, whether they be for a particular subject area or course.
  • High School Senior Seminars. Great Big Ideas will give any class of high school seniors a leg up in their first year of college by introducing them to the wide variety of undergraduate majors.
  • Continued Learning Programs. Keep your employees engaged, interested and informed by providing them with a unique and relevant educational experience.

Contact us to learn more about these options.